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Our services are professional and ARE OF THE most famous of the region.

Through the years our customers have always known to trust us.


The parts are molded with semi-automatic machines and larger parts are molded to the floor, they are cast in green sand or chemically setting sand.




Using the method of induction melting, sixteen elements are balanced to the customers specifications to ensure consistent quality. Three ABB induction furnaces with a capacity of 3000 pounds per hour.




Our spectrograph unit identifies the components of ferrous alloys. At any moment we can analyze and reproduce the alloy used in your parts.




Our microscope provides valid verification and the microstructure of parts according to the required specifications and photos are recorded and can be emailed on request.


Brinell hardness machines, two devices that determine the Brinell hardness of the parts.






From a drawing or a particular item, our pattern making department, being on site, is able to make a template to produce your parts.